KREEK: The Nagonian Travels

Deep in the Nevada Desert, a highly secret enigmatic place exists. Here, no strange liquids are brewed to make magic from old boots and laces, rabbit’s foot or silver bullets. Magic is still being made here, but of a different kind. This place was called Blue Book, but soon changed to Active Blue Book in the early 1950's.
Since the Second World War, the world's fastest, most advanced air and spacecraft have been designed here, brought into reality by the most gifted Aerospace Scientists. These advanced craft are test flown in absolute secrecy.
Newtonberry Airforce Base cloaks this unusual place. Since the late 1940's, new developments entered this mysterious base. These very new and “very foreign developments” were infused to create what exists today - Hybrid Super Flyers ---War Birds: The ultimate flying machines on this Planet.
N.S.D.I: “New Strategic Defence Initiative” scans air and space traffic. When "Starwalkers", code name for U.F.O'S, enter our atmosphere, N.S.D.I alerts and Active Blue is called into action…
It’s too late for us, but of all the Starwalkers stretched across the Galaxies, be wary of the Milky Way Galaxy “ M32”. They’re watching…They’re waiting.